Request Private Touring

Some people would love to stay on the bike for the whole day, whereas others prefer to spend more time discovering the territory, visiting natural and historic sites. Some people, after a large breakfast, would only expect a quick sandwich for lunch, whereas others want a slow, gourmet meals enjoying their holiday away from home. Some people can never get enough turns and twists while for others, after a 6-hour trip, their only desire is to relax at the spa/hot spring or have a body massage. Well, as you can see, it is impossible to make everyone happy!

This is why we are proud to offer private motorcycle touring especially for you and your group in accordance with your specific desires and needs. Where some private tour requires the minimum number of participants, we’re happy to arrange touring with smaller groups of just 1-2 people. At this moment, we also have the maximum number of participants which is 12 people. Private tours can be organized as ‘self-guided’ trips, or trips with one of our motorcycle guides or support car drivers to carry your luggage whichever option.

Please note, many requests come in for ‘approximate pricing’ on our private touring, but pricing cannot be given without knowing the information listed below. For all points, we’re happy to make suggestions, but will need to know more about what type of motorcycle trip experience your group wants: