About Us

Japan Touring Service is a division of Paddock Inc. It is based in Western Japan, and offers motorcycle rentals and tours to cover most of Japan. Paddock is a fully registered and licensed motorcycle store and has been in business for over 40 years. Our team are experienced motorcycle riders and guides, with English language abilities, and local knowledge of Japan’s many remote areas.

Our routes have been developed over 10 years, during which time we have been working with foreign groups to give them the best riding experience in Japan. We believe our tours give you the ultimate riding experience as you get to share with family or friends and with us making new friends along the route. Our guides all have good knowledge of interesting routes allowing you to just ride safely after them and enjoy the scenery and special things along the way.

Tsuyama City, where our store is located in Okayama Prefecture, is the perfect place to start your journey from, far from the busy traffic of the major cities.
There are great mountain roads, many small remote villages, and endless countryside views. Ride and see the sights that mainstream tourists rarely discover…
Let’s ride some of the best country back roads in Western Japan!


Our motorcycles are always serviced, maintained and have cleared all automobile safety inspections. They come with basic rider insurance and third-party liability coverage. Upgrades to rider insurance and motorcycle damage coverage are also available as options.


Our private tours are designed specifically to suit your needs, length of time here in Japan and motorbike skills. We offer you the freedom to check things out along the way and to move at your own pace, letting you really discover this truly amazing country.

Motorcycle touring is a special holiday on 2 wheels therefore our tour experts will make sure that you won’t ride too long or too short a day. Tours usually start around 8.30 AM and end around 5 PM. During tours, we allow for as many stops as needed to give you other experiences such as visiting special attractions, enjoying the scenery, taking pictures or having a rest with local tea. Tours can also easily be designed to include free days to give you free time to completely relax on your own.

Take a rest between riding days, go hiking in a mountain, go fishing in a river or spend an extra day at places that interest you such as in the quiet green hills of the back country, among rice fields or in a beautiful little town tucked between mountains. We also provide a support vehicle ( if you request) which can carry whatever you would like to bring with you.

If you have any questions or requests before making an online reservation, please write to us at: info@japantouringservice.com or
call us on +81-868-28-3191