There are so many great international destinations for motorcycle rides. You might have one of them in mind for your next holiday. We wonder whether a motorcycle ride in Japan has ever made it onto your list. To be honest, it might not have occurred to you until now. Japan is an enormously varied and diverse country and is approximately the same size as the State of California. There are 48 prefectures, each of which is unique and will provide you with a never ending list of things to see, experiences to be had and tastes to savor both on and off the roads.

Riding a motorcycle and discovering the real Japan is an experience you’ll never forget. In your motorcycle diary, a page for Japan can start the day after your business meeting in Japan. Why not take an extra few days off, ride out from our shop and start to explore Western Japan. If you plan to spend your holidays in Japan for a few weeks, why not allocate some days for a motorcycle tour (guided or independent)?
 Not a bad idea? No! It’s a great idea! With a smartphone in your hand and some useful mobile applications installed, you shouldn’t need to worry too much.

But there are some things that smart technology can not do. We can take you to the roads that only the locals know, some of them are not even on most maps. If you want to chat with local riders, we can recommend where to stop. It is not only the landscape and our culture that may surprise you, but equally, it’s the people you meet along the way.

Rent a motorcycle from us and explore Western Japan. Enjoy the freedom of hiring a motorbike and experiencing the real Japan on you own. It is an experience of a lifetime!